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Beautiful Washing in Metairie, LA

This particular customer Requested us to do a house wash only, as opposed to having the house gutters and surface area all done. Upon arriving to the house we set up the ladders to check out the inside of the gutters A notice that they had a lot of debris and then decided to send the customer a picture of their gutters. Once they saw how much debris was trapped in the gutters they decided to get the gutters flushed out as well.

It is vital to insure your gutters are clear and free flowing to handle the increase in rain that's received during springtime. The customer was very happy that we were able to add that service While we were on the job. The job was completed in only three hours. The results were outstanding. The Customer also wanted us to clean out the garage which was super dusty so we cleaned it as well. The customer was very satisfied with the results and thanked us for a job well done.


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